Stinging Nettle Juice

Today was a grand day. From start to finish. We did everything Spring had on her request list in the hope she’d finally take centre stage and stop Winter pushing in with encore performances. We planted and mowed, and weeded and planted some more, we bared our skin to the first sunshine of the season, we filled water bowls for thirsty bees, we piled straw high for nesting geese and broody chooks. We fell into silence at the beauty of the first apricot blossom, the budding vines and the dappled light. We remembered to look up midway through a task to absorb the crazy amount of life humming across the hills around us, with crops glistening like the ocean and canola flowers creating an entirely new colour, above and beyond yellow. We were drawn into real life egg hunts finding little clutches hidden under the hedge or on top of the hay stack. We watched the ducks chatting about all the important things in life under the newly formed shade of their favourite tree. We hung clothes in the sunshine to dry, and folded that unmistakable crispness into them, pressing them to our faces like some paid talent in a laundry powder advert before we put them in the basket. We hung out on a blanket and imagined new farm projects, all the while looking up at the bluest of blue backdrops. We patted all the members of our family and were covered in shedding hair. We picked jonquils to put on the table. And we took full advantage of one of our favourite edible heralds of Spring and drank stinging nettle juice. We couldn’t have managed to squeeze another moment of Spring into the day. I hope she’s here to stay.


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Stinging Nettle Juice


Any juice recipe of mine is never really a recipe at all but more of a nod in the direction of a combination, so please feel free to add or subtract as you see fit. Don’t miss the stinging nettle bit though – such a great way to get a good whack of Vitamins A, K and D, iron and calcium amongst others. Pretty amazing little ‘weed’ really.


Big bunch of organic unsprayed stinging nettles (pick them with gloves to save the stings, or go in with intent if you have the skill to ‘grasp the nettle’)

2 organic lemons, peeled

3 organic apples

knob of fresh organic ginger


Juice everything and drink immediately. No need to worry about blanching the nettles, the juicer will take care of breaking the protein that forms the fine hairs on the leaves and I promise you won’t have any stinging as you swallow!

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