rave synchronicity

Fig & Wild Almond Clafoutis

We had a meeting for The Breakfast Rave this week. Well, there’s something a little askew about calling what we do a ‘meeting’. A meeting would suggest minute taking and schedules. There’s none of that. There’s eating amazing food together and coming up with as many ideas to make the next Rave just that little bit cooler than the last.

We all bring a plate to each meeting. I’m not sure if that was ever a written rule or something unspoken that just came along as part of the Rave when it found us, but it’s a really good thing. None of us ever know what each other will turn up with and yet it always seems to have a theme. If we had to name it, it’d be synchronicity. For sure.

In keeping with that, I’d decided on a whim to go and wildcraft some almonds from the trees on the side of the road near us. They’re really old and gnarly. Some years there’s almonds, other years not so many. I was happy to pull up to trees laden with nuts. It’s a cute spot overlooking an old church, completely out in the middle of nowhere amongst vineyards and wheat paddocks. I love it.

A decent haul of almonds and some figs from a friend’s tree and clafoutis just about made itself. The coolest thing was, although I had everything ready to go to make an almond milk custard to go with it, I ran out of time before everyone arrived. Actually that wasn’t very cool at all, but, when everyone walked in, in walked a bowl of raw caramel too and the perfect team up to fig clafoutis happened. Just like that. Rave synchronicity. Again.


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Fig & Wild Almond Clafoutis


2/3 cup organic GF flour mix

1/4 cup organic wild almond meal (make your own if you can)

3 tbsp flaxseed meal in 9 tbsp water

1/2 cup fresh organic almond milk

1/2 cup organic coconut cream

1/2 cup organic panela

1/4 tsp cloves

1 tsp cinnamon

10-12 organic figs

2 tbsp raw organic coconut oil

lemon zest from 1 organic lemon


Pre heat oven to 180C.

Butter a glass or pyrex flan dish with coconut oil.

Mix together the flour, almond meal, panela and spices in one bowl. In another bowl mix the coconut milk, almond milk, melted coconut oil, soaked flaxseed and lemon zest.

Cut the figs in halves and put them in the flan dish. Mix the dry ingredients with the wet and pour the batter over the figs.

Cook for 35-40 minutes until caramelised around the edges and all puffed up.

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what does one do with tomatillos?

Tomatillo & Cucumber Soup with Garlic Chives

More generosity from friend’s gardens this week. You can’t believe plants can grow at all in this heat, but nature has it sorted it seems. Little capes are the answer. Little tomatillo capes. The perfect cover all. I know it should be about the nutritional value of the tomatillo, or recipe ideas, but have you seen those little capes? They are so beautiful. Dainty and ethereal. Like a little Japanese wrapped package, perfect but not too much so. Wabi-sabi at its finest.

So, love at first sight when I was handed a brown paper package filled with these little green lanterns, but I’ve never used tomatillos before, so nothing really followed that initial thought of  ‘pretty, pretty, pretty’. I checked them out online and discovered lots of Mexican style salsa recipes, enchiladas and slow cooked chutneys etc, but it was so, so hot here on the weekend there was no chance of the oven going on, let alone lighting a gas flame on the stovetop.

I decided I’d just think about these little strangers in the same way I think about any other tomato. Only green. I have a favourite gazpacho recipe I love doing in Summer with fresh tomatoes – I’m sure we all do – so I went down the cold soup path and ended up with an icy fresh and bright green version of what normally turns out red any other time I’ve made gazpacho. The haul of gorgeous herbs from Thatch Organics prettied things up nicely, I’ve raved about the beauty of their produce before. I love the tang of the tomatillos too, it’s a little lemony with the cucumber, so it kind of felt like we had deconstructed a cucumber sandwich when we dipped slices of sourdough into this. It’s really green, but that’s always a good thing out here on the hill. I think it would make a really pretty amuse bouche if you were able to turn your oven on and cook other things to follow it for dinner. We just had two cups each and called it done.

I’ll have to come up with some other tomatillo ideas though because I have every intention of getting some of these going in the greenhouse next year. Too gorgeous not to.


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Tomatillo & Cucumber Soup with Garlic Chives

serves 4-6 as a small starter


3 organic Lebanese cucumbers, cold from the fridge

1 cup organic tomatillos, peeled and washed

1/2 loosely packed cup organic garlic chives, with flowers if possible

1/2 loosely packed cup organic tarragon leaves

1/2 organic avocado, cubed

juice of 2 organic lemons

‘agrumato’ lemon olive oil

Himalayan salt, to taste

Freshly ground white pepper, to taste


Juice the cucumbers and then transfer the liquid into a blender along with all other ingredients except the avocado, olive oil and seasoning. Blitz until super smooth. Season to taste.

Divide the cubed avocado between little bowls or cups and pour the soup over the top. Add the chive flowers and a sprig or two of fresh tarragon and finally drizzle with lemon olive oil. Serve immediately while the soup is lovely and cold. A few ice cubes would be good too, we did that in our second bowlful.

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