Beyond the Scullery is mostly about the ‘beyond’ bit. Of course there has to be something to go beyond, and initially my ‘in’ to the food world was through tea; drinking copious amounts of it led to sourcing and growing my own ingredients, and then to hand blending. The Scullery was where that all happened and Scullery Made Tea was born.

Part and parcel of that run of events saw us move back to the Barossa Valley where we’d grown up and waiting for us on top of a hill stood a rundown old farmhouse and every opportunity to jump into the organic world that had been hanging out in my city brain for so long – where dinner was decided by the garden, gumboots lined up in the ‘lean-to’ and we’d have animals everywhere. Having a garden took cooking well beyond what we felt like eating, having cows surrounding our property took us well beyond where milk comes from, and setting ourselves up on a windy hill took us way beyond let’s grow what’s pretty.

Quite by accident, or perhaps perfectly by design, growing our food became inextricably connected to understanding nutrients, animal welfare and environmental issues on a whole new level. And there’s another word pointer – whole. I’m not sure exactly what moment I discovered the world that sits beyond white flour and white sugar, beyond supermarket shelves and food in packets, but that world is huge! I’m still happily wandering around in it each day, always finding something else to catch my attention and bring into my kitchen, share with friends and feed further kindness. Delicious, nutritionally dense food that’s kind to our own bodies, those we share the planet with and the planet itself. Food that feeds kindness. That’s gotta be a winning formula right?

So that’s a little snapshot in words of how this blog came to be, but this is information best eaten, because I could seriously blab on about this stuff forever. So, to the kitchen, to the garden, to your health!








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