Purple Carrot & Basil Coleslaw

I love how a quick trip around the Farmer’s Market can pretty much put a dish together just by the order of how things go into your basket. It started with purple carrots, then beetroot, some gnarly organic apples and the most beautiful purple basil you ever did see. I’d put my name on a bunch of basil after seeing it the night before on Thatch’s facebook page. These guys grow seriously good herbs, and they happened to be a trestle away from us this week, so when the basil was hand delivered, wrapped in a little origami newspaper pocket, it felt more like a florist had visited the stall when I wasn’t looking. Beautiful.

A group of us went to see ‘Shakespeare in the Vines’ that night, so a quick picnic was assembled to share, and what’s a picnic without coleslaw? Especially on Australia Day. Along with the array of goodies everyone else brought to share after a morning at the market and a run through home veggie patches, it was the most amazing spread of good health on a blanket I think I’ve ever experienced. And not a lamb in sight. Although as my friend said, she’d hugged her lambs that day, so we figured that fulfilled the ‘traditional’ quota of Australia Day. I guess the bottles of kombucha could’ve passed for beer too. Done and done.


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Purple Carrot & Basil Coleslaw


I’m sure everyone has their own way of making coleslaw so this is a rough guide more than an exact recipe…


1 organic beetroot

3 organic purple carrots,

2 organic apples

wedge organic cabbage

handful fresh organic purple basil

lemon extra virgin olive oil

organic coconut yoghurt or cream

organic apple cider vinegar

juice of 2 organic oranges

himalayan salt

freshly ground black pepper

1 tbsp each organic sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds


With the grater attachment on, run all the veggies and apples through your food processor. Mix together in a large bowl. 

Toast the seeds in a dry pan until they start to pop.

Mix equal parts olive oil, vinegar and coconut yoghurt with the orange juice and season to taste.

Pour over coleslaw and mix through. Add the basil leaves just before serving and sprinkle the toasted seeds on top.

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